When everything is going well with your business then you will be forgiven for not considering the effect when things change. In our experience normally you will be looking here if you know of another business, or business owner who has suffered as a result of an unplanned event.

These events can all impact your company and can change it from a profitable company to a loss making one. If you are a partnership then it can end the business completely as this is dissolved on death.

You may not be aware that as a sole trader, if you die your estate could end up paying redundancy to your employees. Would you want your family to have less so that your ex-employees could have more? Perhaps in the case of your death you would like to look after both your employees and your family and we can arrange this for you.

What exactly do you add to your company? What would your company be without you? How would your company and your family stand now if you had died six months ago? Just take four minutes to think about this. After all if you have worked for years or your lifetime to build up your business taking four minutes to look at what would happen to all of your hard work may just prompt you to find out how we can help you.

What happens to your business if you lose one of your main employees? It may be that they become ill, leave or die. What would it cost your company? What if you were ill? Would you be lucky enough to have an illness where you could still just manage to do some form of work? Would you really want to?

These are just a few of the issues that you as a business and business owner may face. We can help you understand the implications and offer you a cost effective solution for you.