Need a fresh approach?

At Cascade Wealth Management we see many clients who have come to the conclusion that they need a new financial adviser. Many of these clients were recommended to us by our existing clients. It is a great compliment to us when we are recommended by our existing clients as it is confirmation of what a great level of service they have received.

It is always worth getting a second opinion on such crucial matters such as retirement planning or pension provision. If we cannot put you in a better financial position, then there will be no need to change your provider. However, if we can then changing your provider is the right move for you. We tell our clients that the advice they will receive from us will be the best advice for them, with the best options available for their personal circumstances. We are as transparent as that, we simply want what is best for you.

Together we will discuss your options and should you appoint us we will tailor your specific needs to one of our client agreement packages, whereby you can choose how much contact you want with us and how often you would like your circumstances to be reviewed and altered if appropriate.

Should you be considering choosing Cascade Wealth Management, the first one hour meeting you have with us is at our expense. So there really is nothing to lose, get in touch today to see if we can help.